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Jean Mignot, 14th c.

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Quick update
"On Köhler's 14th century Chemise."

In short, the sleeveless singlet-like garment that shows up in "A History of Costume" by Carl Köhler, was probably inserted by an editor, Emma von Sichart, long after Köhler shuffled off this mortal coil. She used the photograph from Moritz Heyne's third volume of "Fünf Büchern Deutscher Hausaltertümer von den’ ältesten geschichtlichen Zeiten bis zum 16. Jahrhundert," but for whatever reason didn't bother to actually mention the chemise in the book's text.

Anyway, though the magic of copyright expiration, books entering the public domain, it is now possible to read the original, early 20th century descriptions of the chemise, it's find context, and some vague-as-to-almost-be-useless comments on it's construction. Hence the PDF at the start of this post, with some translations into English, and a brief summary.

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